Sleek Makeup ‘Oh So Special’ Palette: Review + Swatches

Hello lovely readers!

I’m here again to show you the most recent addition to my makeup collection: the Sleek ‘Oh So Special’ Palette.

I know this has been around for quite a while, but I guess it’s never too late to review a great palette, which started off as being a limited edition product. Now, probably due to its success, this has become a permanent palette. Yay!

First of all, the price is very attractive. For £6.49 you get 12 highly pigmented shades, from neutrals to darker colours, from matte to shimmer. The versatility of this palette reminds me of the famous Naked Palette by Urban Decay, except the Naked Palette costs £32, compared to a mere £6.49 for Sleek’s palette. So if you’re on a budget and looking for a good Naked Palette dupe, I’d definitely recommend this one. However, even if you’re not on a budget, I think this palette has definitely got something “Oh So Special” about it that it’s well worth the money!

The packaging is very compact, which is always a plus for makeup-on-the-go, and inside there is a huge mirror, which earns another “plus” from me because it means you don’t need to carry a portable mirror with you to apply your makeup.

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The most neutral colour for my skin tone would be ‘The Mail’, because as you can see from the swatch, it barely shows on my hand. If you have a lighter skin tone, then you’d probably find ‘Ribbon’ or ‘Pamper’ more suitable. These shades are great to use as a base all over the lid.

From the shimmery ones, I love ‘Gateau’, a lovely soft pink colour that gives your eyes a beautiful natural glow, which reminds me of Urban Decay’s ‘Sin’. I also really like ‘Organza’, which is very similar to ‘Gateau’ with a bit more gold and orange tones to it.

Moving to the darker colours, I’m very excited to create some smokey-eye looks with ‘Wrapped Up’ (dark brown) and ‘Noir’ (black).

Overall, I’m impressed with this palette; I think Sleek Makeup did a very good job putting together such a multi-purpose palette with awesome quality. I’m so happy I found this great bargain! You can buy this in Superdrug for £6.49.

Have you tried this palette? Please leave me a comment below with your thoughts regarding Sleek Makeup palettes or just any tips on how to create great looks with these shades.

UPDATE: Check out my new review and swatches of the Sleek Makeup ‘Monaco’ Palette.


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