How To: Elongate Your Eyes (Cat Eye Look)

Your eyes are the key to how your makeup presents itself; sexy, edgy, understated, romantic… you name it, your eyes will tell you! So I always start planning my makeup on the eyes. Depending what eye makeup I want to do, I’ll make the rest fit in with the look.

The look I chose today is something that mostly appeals to people who want to make their eyes appear longer than they actually are, or maybe for a sexy/flirty look. The secret is avoid the straight line winged eyeliner and go for a more ‘bent’ shape on the flick.

Start with a thin line and when you get to the outer corner of the eye, draw a slanted line pointing upwards (roughly 45 degrees). Keep thickening that line, always flicking in the end at the same angle until you reach a shape that suits your eyes best. To make sure the flick is going as planned, open your eyes and look straight into a mirror as you go along. You may want to mark the highest you’re willing to go on the flick with a small dot to avoid going too far up, but if you make any mistakes, use concealer on a precision brush to ‘erase’ the error. The outer corner should always be thicker than the inner corner for it to look more effective.

The winged eyeliner look in all its variations is one of my all-time favourites. I’ve posted quite a few makeup looks with a winged liner, so if you want to see other looks I’ve done in the past, search for ‘winged eyeliner’ on the right side of this page.

I hope you enjoyed this look, and let me know what’s your favourite type of winged eyeliner look :)

Au revoir!



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