Glam Republic Eyeliner Appliqués (Review)

Glam Republic Eyeliner AppliquesGlam Republic Eyeliner AppliquesGlam Republic Eyeliner Appliques Glam Republic Eyeliner Appliqués, £4.99 | Superdrug from 6 April 2012

Getting the perfect cat eye look is one of missions in life, but unfortunately I suck at it. I was recently introduced to Glam Republic by the lovely Kaushal from Beauty Fulfilled and she recommended I tried the Eyeliner Appliqués. They are reusable stick-on black velvet fabric strips which come in different sizes and finishes.

To use them, first measure them to your eyes and trim the ends if necessary. Then peel off the paper on the back, add a thin line of the included adhesive and apply to your eyelids, keeping as close to your lashes as possible. It’s a bit like applying false eyelashes, which I’m terrible at, but if you can apply false lashes with ease, you’ll find the appliqués incredibly easy. To be honest, I struggled a bit. The inner part of the appliqué didn’t want to stick to my skin, no matter how much adhesive I used, so I was left with this tiny bit of fabric sticking out. But I blame it all on my skills (or lack of!) for applying anything to my eye-area; the same thing happens when I apply false lashes!

Glam Republic Eyeliner AppliquesGlam Republic Eyeliner Appliques

Kaushal gave me some great tips, so I though I’d share them with you:

  • Warm them up by curling them around your finger, this will not only warm the glue up which is already on them but also curl them into shape to fit your eyes.
  • They pretty much have the same concept as false lashes in the sense that you can trim them to fit your natural eye shape.
  • It comes with water based glue so is safe for everyone to use :) I find that you have a wait a good 4 mins for the glue to get tacky & then you’re good to go. If you prefer using DUO then it works perfectly fine with that as well!
  • They look fabulous with false lashes as well. If you’re going to wear them with a pair of falsies apply them first and then the liners.
  • They are totally reusable as well! What I do is I stick them onto my mirror for storage. Saves space & time.

Don’t give up on your first attempt. They can be quite tricky, so be patient and maybe ask a friend to help you hold the inner corner in place. Trust me, it’s worth it! I think these can look absolutely amazing if applied with care and patience and I’ve heard they stay put all day! They are reusable, with is great so be careful when removing them. Use a bit of makeup remover just to break the adhesive and just peel them off your eyes.

What do you think of the Glam Republic Eyeliner Appliqués? Let me know if you’ve tried something similar and how you got on with it! :)

Glam Republic Eyeliner Appliqués are available from Superdrug from 6 April 2012, priced at £4.99 for a single pack and £8.99 for a duo pack.

Au revoir!



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