Beauty Blogger Beach Bag

Beauty Blogger's Beauty Bag Small purse || Notebook || Big purse || iPad Mini || Book || Headphones || Hair bobbles
Cream blush || Sunglasses || Glasses || Hair grips || SD cards || Perfume || Concealer
Lipgloss || Eyeliner || Makeup remover wipes || Car keys/keyring || iPhone 5 || Mirror || Tinted SPF

This is what I take with me to the beach to suit all of my ‘blogger needs‘! I realise this is not the ‘traditional’ contents of a beach bag, but if you’re a beauty blogger, I’m sure you would take most of these things with you when going away on a beach holiday. Of course I also take the usual beach towel, SPF, bikini & hat, but they would go in a separate bag.

Beauty Blogger's Beauty Bag

The Camouflage Company Bag2Bag Shopper, £32.50 | QVC

The bag I have is by The Camouflage Company and it’s called the Bag2Bag Shopper. It’s made of 100% polyester, so it can be wiped clean very easily. The bag has this pretty pink and green floral pattern, which is definitely a bonus for any girly-girls out there who like to look stylish, even at the beach :)

Beauty Blogger's Beauty Bag

The Camouflage Company Bag2Bag comes with a smaller detachable bag inside, which can be used to keep your valuables safe or to isolate dirty or wet things from other items in your bag. You can also use it as a handbag organiser – fill it up with your essentials and put inside whichever bag you’re carrying for the day. Another way to use the detachable bag is to carry it on its own, either on your shoulder or cross-body.

Beauty Blogger's Beauty Bag

I know this was designed to be a shopping bag, but I think it works perfectly for me as a beach bag! And it’s not too feminine either, so I can definitely pass it on to my husband to carry when it gets too heavy for me :) You can use it for whatever suits your needs the most, but I can see the Bag2Bag being used as a mummy bag, a shopping bag or a beach bag. It fits everything that I would ever want to carry around on my arm and it’s super cute!

Beauty Blogger's Beauty Bag

So as a beauty blogger who never switches off from blogging mode, this is what I take with me to the beach! I also take my camera with me, but I was taking these pictures with it, so I couldn’t include it here. I think I’ve got all the essentials covered, but I’d love to know if you think I’ve forgotten anything :)

Beauty Blogger's Beauty Bag

What are your beach bag essentials?

  • Product: The Camouflage Company Bag2Bag Shopper*
  • Price: £32.50
  • Where: QVC

*PR Sample


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