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Product Directory Le Beauty Girl

This is what I’ve been doing for the last 2 days. Yes, you heard right – it took me 2 whole days to get this done! Now you might ask what ‘this’ is, and it is my blog’s new features: Product Directory and Archives. You may also notice my blog had a little ‘facelift’ – I love how clean it looks now, and I want to say a big thank you to Faye for helping me out with it! Let me know if you like the new design :)

Product Directory Le Beauty Girl

Now back to the new features, to most of you, this is nothing important, but I’m a firm believer that form is as important as content, and by that I mean that the way my blog is presented is as important to me as my blog posts. I always judge a blog by its cover, and if a blog is difficult to navigate, it doesn’t matter how good the content is, it totally puts me off, so I decided to make your experience a little bit easier here on the blog.

Product Directory Le Beauty Girl


I’ll start with the Archives page. Over there you will be able to search for blog posts by category, by brand, by date or just do a generic search using the search bar. I love visual things, so I added a few of my favourite categories with thumbnails of the most recant posts; that way you’ll have a quick idea of what you can find in each one of these categories.

Product Directory Le Beauty Girl

Product Directory

The Product Directory page is something I’ve seen on other blogs and I’ve always found them extremely useful, so I decided to add one to my blog. It includes every single blog post I’ve ever written here in alphabetical order, and as you can imagine this was pretty time-consuming to put together! I think/hope it will make your life easier if you’re looking for posts from a specific brand or topic. I’ll keep this updated every week, so you can expect it to stay pretty fresh with my latest blog posts.

I hope you find these new features useful as they were created with you mind! :) Do let me know if you have any problems using both the Archives and Product Directory, and if you have any suggestions of things you’d like to see on my blog, feel free to leave them on the comments below. Your feedback will be much appreciated! :)

You can access the Archives here and the Product Directory here


  • Teresa

    The new layout looks fantastic — love the clean look. However I almost feel like the Product Directory is redundant because in your Archive page you have the search by date/category/brand function (which is AMAZING), so listing your posts by alphabetical order isn’t necessary — especially because the name “product directory” gives the impression that it would be a list of posts sorted according to the products featured.

    If your post titles were *just* the product names that would make sense, but there are also lots of other posts in there that aren’t just products by themselves, eg FOTD etc (which can already be found by the “search by category” function on the archive page). Does that make sense? Of course I’m just some random reader and you obviously don’t have to take any suggestions, especially if you are happy with it the way it is! Love your work :D

    • Le Beauty Girl

      Thank you so much for your suggestion, Teresa. It makes perfect sense! I guess I needed a fresh pair of eyes to see this, as I’ve been looking at it for so long that I never noticed the redundancy! I’ll modify the product directory to feature just the products alphabetically :) Thanks! x

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