Summer Outfit: Keep Cool & Classy

Summer Outfit: Keep Cool & ClassySummer Outfit: Keep Cool & ClassySummer Outfit: Keep Cool & ClassySummer Outfit: Keep Cool & ClassySummer Outfit: Keep Cool & Classy

Striped Semi-Sheer Top – New Look

Atmosphere Black Skinny Jeans – Primark

Tan Wedges – Arezzo

Mother of Pearl Shell Ring (Horizontal Oval) –  Ysis Accessories

Two Tone Classic Metallic Necklace – Ysis Accessories

With temperatures of 20+ degrees Celsius in the UK, my challenge is to keep cool and classy at the same time. It’s easy to put together a classy outfit when it’s cold, because you can rely on scarves and long sleeves. But when it gets warm outside, the appropriate attire (shorts and t-shirt) may not be the classiest of all (hence my less than elegant outfit of yesterday).

I chose a lightweight 3/4 length top which will keep my body temperature just cool enough without being too revealing. I paired it with my faithful black jeans from Primark (best investment ever!), which in hindsight wasn’t the best choice because my legs were begging for a skirt by the end of the day, but there you go! On my feet I’m wearing a very old pair of wedges I got in Brazil which I absolutely love.

As for jewellery, I’m wearing some of my favourite pieces from my shop (Ysis Accessories). I love how this gorgeous metallic necklace looks so elegant and dainty. The mother of pearl shell ring matches the top and gives a touch of trendiness to the whole look! If you haven’t visited my shop yet, go and have a little look at :)

So what are you wearing to keep you cool and classy this Summer?


Au revoir!



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