Easy Daytime / Sick Day Makeup Tutorial

Easy Daytime Sick Day Makeup Tutorial

A little while ago I got really ill; it was around Christmas time, and it definitely got me down that I wasn’t feeling or looking my best. Although a marathon of Christmas films helped a little, eventually I got up and decided to put some makeup on. Nothing much, just the essentials, but it was enough to really perk myself up and make me feel human again! I posted a picture of that makeup look on Instagram and a few of you asked to see a tutorial, so here it is :)


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I feel like this is the most ridiculously simple makeup look, but incredibly effective as it helps brighten up your face using only a handful of products. It’s the perfect easy daytime look for work, school or a chilled day running errands. I hope you enjoy it and if you don’t think it was a total waste of 10 minutes of your life, give this video a thumbs up! Here are all the products I used to create this look:

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